About Us

With many years of service in the regions of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Niagara, Just Pests is sought after for the high quality of service when it comes to pest control. Our professionals are highly skilled and they have the technical know-how that is needed in order to carry out the pest control procedure in a top-notch manner.

After having identified the level of infestation in your property, we will then move towards complete eradication of the pests in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Mission Statement

With our state-of-the-art machinery and technical knowledge about the extermination process, we undertake every possible measure to eradicate the pests. We strive to meet all of the client requirements when it comes to the budget as well as the timing for providing the service. Our specialists will help provide only the best services when it comes to serving the people in regions of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Niagara.

Our Core Services

Just Pests is active all throughout the regions of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Niagara and we aim to provide affordable rates for all of our pest control control services. We offer a wide range of extermination services, which include: